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This is the Juventus fans Forum. Every Juventus fan can post here what he thinks about everything relatet to our team. Set new topics and disscus it with other fans.

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Juventus History
Who do you think was the most important player in Juventus History. I mean the player that left a sign and will be remebered for a long long time by the Juventus fans?
05/18/2016 at 10:01am (UTC)
Who should still stay and play for Juventus
Who do you think should be the players that can still give something at Juventus? Which ones should not leave the team and still play for our team?
05/16/2016 at 12:47pm (UTC)
What do you think about Del Neri?
Do you think Luigi Del Neri will be the right manager for Juventus? Do you think he will be the winning manager Juventus is looking for?
10/08/2016 at 9:42am (UTC)
Del Piero
What do you think about our captain? Do you think he can still be that quality player another year and be a key member for the team or do we need a replacement for him?
05/18/2016 at 10:01am (UTC)
He is the best goalkeeper in the world and he is our goalkeeper. DO you think Juventus should sell him and with that money buy other players we need or you think Buffon should stay because he is very important for us?
05/16/2016 at 12:47pm (UTC)
Would you give another chance to this player. Do you think he still has something to prove and be a key player for Juventus or should we sell him before it is too late?
10/08/2016 at 1:25pm (UTC)
New players
You can write a list of players Juventus should buy this year to make a strong team and win something and you can give your reasons why they should buy these players.
05/16/2016 at 12:46pm (UTC)
Andrea Agnelli
A member of the Agnelli family is back as the Juventus President. Will things change now or it will still be difficult and? Do you think this is the right thing to do for Juventus comeback?
05/15/2016 at 5:03pm (UTC)
World Cup 2010
Road to South Africa. Who will win? Which team do you support? Share your opinions....
05/15/2016 at 4:52pm (UTC)

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